Fuckboy 101

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If you have to read this blog or ask yourself…THEN HE PROBABLY IS A FUCKBOY, AND YOU SHOULD DROP HIS ASS!

Use this post as your friendly reminder that you’re not alone in dealing with them.

I’ve compiled a few helpful hints, red flags, and a breakdown of fuckboy characteristics/tendencies as a quick guide to help a fellow sistah out!

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A Fuckboy or fuccboi. (f?k-boi) Is literally the epitome of a human migraine in a man’s body and a nuisance to all if not most women. Thank you, Internet!

Now you may have a general idea of who or what a fuckboy is, but can’t precisely say how he is one. To be fair, the nature of their fuckery varies on a case by case basis. Sooooo let’s start off by defining their idiocies.

WARNING: these are all my own thoughts, ideas, and definitions from my personal experiences. Not everyone may agree with them. Anyways, here is the general criteria…


A fuckboy is a man that embodies all the traits we loathe. A fuckboy is a man that …

  • Is distant
  • Doesn’t respect you or your wishes
  • Makes excuses
  • Only hits you up when it’s convenient for him
  • Lies
  • Cheats
  • Does not keep his promises
  • Puts in zero to minimal effort
  • Doesn’t care about your time
  • Is “too busy.”
  • Has commitment issues
  • Leads you on
  • Is self-absorbed
  • Is pretentious
  • Is abusive
  • Compares you to other women
  • Only talks about your physical appearance
  • Mentions sex right off the bat
  • Sends unwanted dick pics
  • Is entitled
  • Does stupid things
  • Toys with your emotions
  • Is the reason for your trust issues

Basically, a man who will say or do anything to hook up with you or keep you on the hook. He is a 2.0 upgrade to your average Supreme wearing, fade haircut having, and”can I join lol ;)?” asking when you say you’re “about to shower” FUCKBOY.

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The Fuckboy Breakdown
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Okay, so you learned the basics of fuckboy-ism… Now what? Read on or don’t, maybe eat some ice cream, get a Mani/Pedi, or do whatever the hell you want to treat yourself like the queen you are or click the link if you need a reminder of your greatness.

NOTE: This definition doesn’t classify all men as fuckboys. Meaning that some men will just have fuckboy like tendencies but can still be “genuine.” Use your best judgment, I guess. If you still have doubt then check out Fuckboy Red Flags.

BUTTTT, in this case, I am going to refer to the ones I’ve run into as fuckboys to better highlight the pitfalls of dating at times.

Now if you’re going to ask me, are they really all fuckboys or you just being overly dramatic?

Truthfully, all the men I’ve talked about are on a spectrum. Some lean towards the GRADE A ASSHOLE and some just have idiotic tendencies that landed them on this list!

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